Historic Church Meeting

Posted on April 10, 2021.

Common Meeting Night – St. Jerome Parish Community   Zoom Meeting Logo.png

As many of you are aware, our Pastoral Search Committee has begun the task of seeking candidates for the next Senior Pastor of World Victory Church & Life Center.  The committee's progress to date was presented to the congregation at our church meeting on Saturday, April 10, 2021 which was held both in the church Sanctuary and virtually via Zoom.  This was a historic first for our church and one of the positives of the COVID 19 pandemic in that it has encouraged us to use other resources to communicate and still work together as a church body.  

Senior Deacon Joie Coppedge conducted the meeting from the church with 31 members present on Zoom, and 12 members present in the Sanctuary.  He presented a detailed outline from the search committee which included the following main topics:

  • Search Committee Establishment
  • Differences: Current Situation & Previous Pastoral Search
  • Congregation Survey Considerations
  • Duties & Responsibilities/Job Description
  • Candidate Search Process 

Questions and concerns were solicited and answers provided by committee members and other church leaders. We commend the Pastoral Search Committee for their diligence and dedication, and look forward to the next step in selecting, according to God's will,  a shepherd who is "the best fit for World Victory Church and Life Center culture and vision."