Victory Goose

Posted on May 19, 2021.
Victory goose 1 original

This story is a bit late in timeframe, however it's still a story of love, life, dedication, perserverance, protection and hope.  

One day just prior to Easter Sunday, I noticed this goose who I affectionately named "Vicky G." (short for Victory Goose) sitting in one of the church flower beds.  I wasn't sure if she was simply seeking temporary shelter, but I guessed that she was likely preparing to nest and lay eggs.  My hunch proved correct, because she remained on her nest for over a month.  Each day I went in I made sure not to disturb her, and prayed God's protection over her from predators and passersby.  I honestly don't know why I felt the need to pray over her because we know that God protects the birds of the air and all living creatures (Matthew 6:26-34); yet I still felt the need.  

I never saw any other geese around, but day after day through rain, wind, and sunshine, Vicky stayed in her spot protecting & nurturing her eggs.  Each Sunday, the members who came into the building admired her and some, I believe, even spoke to her. Mostly, everyone respected her!

Then on Sunday morning, April 25th, we finally saw eveidence of her eggs and knew the baby geese or goslings would soon emerge. Miraculously, as we were leaving morning service, my husband and I witnessed an egg cracked open and a fluffy gosling popped out from under Vicky's protecting wing.  What a sight and a blessing!  We would have loved to have stayed and witnessed the emergence of any others, but we knew Vicky would most likely not appreciate that.  

The next day I went to the church, Vicky and her babies were gone.  We counted about five empty shells still in her nest.  We hope and pray that Vicky and her new babies traveled safely to their habitat, and we are ever so thankful that Vicky chose our church flower bed as her place of shelter during her nesting, and that we were blessed to witness God's work and glory with something as simple as a goose!  How Great is Our God in All the Earth!

~~Selene Junius Lambert